TOUGH DOG BED 2022: 3 Best Chew Proof Dog Bed [Buying Guide]

Dogs have many needs just as humans do. Not only do they need quality food, supplements, and health care, but they need to get quality sleep as well.  It is most important that they have a comfortable, clean, and tough dog bed.

If you have a destructive chewer who tears his or her bed into pieces then a chew proof dog bed is the ultimate solution to your problem. These durable dog beds give a tough time to your dog even he or she is the meanest and toughest chewers in the canine kingdom. Let us take a look at the best tough dog beds in the market.

1. Fantasy Furniture Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Fantasy Furniture collection includes some of the best dog beds available that offer comfort for your dog while looking stylish in your home. What would look better in your home than a real piece of furniture built especially for your dog to use?

The Fantasy Furniture Deluxe Bed looks like a real sofa and comes in seven stylish colors that will complement your other furniture and this dog bed has the best crate pads for destructive dogs.

This tough dog bed provides easy cleaning that comes from the Leatherette upholstery. The foam construction is high-density to provide a well-defined shape that continues to look good as long as you own the dog bed.

Fantasy Furniture Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


The deluxe bed is available in three sizes

  • Small and miniature up to 10 lbs
  • Medium great for two small dogs or one medium dog up to 20 lbs
  • Large great for multiple dogs or large dogs up to 40 lbs
  • Kids and cats like the deluxe beds too

Some great features are included with the Fantasy Furniture Deluxe Bed

  • Memory foam dog beds like this one are great for helping any dog get a restful sleep. The comfortable padding will be enjoyed by dogs that are lucky enough to sleep on one of these deluxe dog beds.
  • Orthopedic dog beds are particularly well suited to dogs that would benefit from extra support in the bone and joints. Older dogs and bony dogs do particularly well with these dog beds since the comfortable mattress helps comfort and protect pressure areas.
  • This great-looking bed is made with a wood frame for durability and long life. This wooden dog bed has a removable cover that is machine washable and will help to keep the bed looking great for many years.

Free-extras that come with the set include

A matching mat for the floor that comes in the shape of a dog bone. The mat is reversible with a solid color on one side and either a pattern or a different solid color on the other.
A matching squeaky toy that is super fun for your dog.
Matching pillows for your dog’s comfort enhance the look of the dog bed.

The actual bed sleeping area is slightly smaller than the total sofa size but is well suited for most dogs. The bed sleeping area measures 27″ by 22″. The total bed size is 36″ wide x 24″deep x 20″ high, which fits easily into most homes.

The free mat can be used anywhere to create a secondary spot for your dog or to keep your dog warm when on the floor. The mat also makes a wonderful travel bed that you can take with you when you are away from your home. If you want to use the mat that comes with the set its size is 38″ by 27.5″.

While this dog bed is sturdy, it is easy to move it around when you want to relocate it to another spot in your home. This dog bed only weighs 20 lbs so it is easy to use.

Another feature found in the best dog beds is that safety is a priority. This deluxe bed has flame retardant qualities built into high-quality foam material.

The fantasy furniture deluxe bed is a great dog bed that will look wonderful in your home while providing comfort for your dog.

2. Big Barker Orthopedic Tough Dog Bed

Sleep science made wonderful beds for humans and now Big Barker use the same principles to bring you one of the tough dog bed for your canine friend. Your pet will get more rest and comfort on this high-quality Big Barker Dog Bed that is handmade in the United States of America.

Big Barker Orthopedic Tough Dog Bed


Your large Pet will love this Dog bed because

  • It gives great support.
  • This is enough large to holds your pooch in all its favorite positions.

You will like this bed because

  • It looks adorable in your home.
  • It is easy to clean.

Durable materials make this dog bed one of the best orthopedic dog beds that you will find anywhere. The construction, size, and easy care instructions all make it a superior choice for large to extra-large dogs.

10 Year Guarantee on the Foam

This indestructible dog bed has quality foam which is guaranteed to hold 90% of its original shape and loft for 10 years otherwise your money is back. The manufacturing company stands behind its durable dog beds. The reason is this ruff n tuff dog bed comes with such a great guarantee is because the construction is hand-crafted and quality materials.

Hand Crafted

This tough dog bed has been made in North California by Craftsmen for over 30 years. The experience level and quality consistent are a hallmark. This is the reason that customers gave them the title of best dog beds for large dogs and refers their friends to Big Barker dog beds.

Best Materials

The memory foam and zippers are all made in the USA for exacting standards. 7-inches of superior quality foam are the reason that your larger pet will find this dog bed comfortable for every sleeping position. Like a human bed, the Big Barker dog bed is stacked with foam layers for durability and comfort.

Made With

  • 2-inches layer of H10 Comfort Foam.
  • The 3-inches middle layer of H45 Support Foam.
  • Another 2-inches layer of H10 Comfort Foam.

For additional comfort, a bolster made from 4-inches of contoured foam has been added to the end of the dog bed for that dogs who love to rest their head on a pillow part of a bed.

If your dog is suffering from arthritis or dysplasia, then this orthopedic dog bed is the ultimate solution to this problem because it is great for supporting joints. Your pet will rapidly find this kevlar dog bed to be one of the best restful beds around.

Custom Fit Cover

The dog bed cover is microfiber and it custom fit each mattress. It is very soft and clean easily.

Easy Care Instruction

To maintain the original shape please follow these instructions. Simply unzip the cover and wash it in the machine in cold water. For dry it uses a low setting on the machine or simply hangs it. The foam can be hand washed with water and cloth soap. The internal bedding should not be put in the washer or dryer, just hand wash only. Furthermore, read our article on how to wash a dog bed, which will guide you complete step by step.

Sized for Big Dogs

This is a great and tough dog bed specially made for big Dogs. The height is 7†on all Big Barker beds. The dimensions for width and length are as follows:
Large – 30 X 48
Extra Large – 36 X 52
Giant – 48 X 60

Great Value

The Big Barker Dog Bed will be one of the great purchases you will make for your canine friend. The quality construction and superior guarantee make this bed a perfect choice for your big dog.

3. Armarkat Waterproof Tough Dog Bed

This versatile pet bed is not only one of the rough tough dog beds available, but it also comes in sizes to fit a cat, for people with more than one pet.

With a choice of round or square shapes, this great chew proof dog bed for crate will fit comfortably into any home. You can put them next to your favorite furniture or fit them in a nook anywhere. They also roll up small enough to travel with you so your pet has a comfortable place to sleep while you are on the road.

Armarkat Waterproof Tough Dog Bed



The cover has great features that are not found on many dog beds. The top of the cover is made from soft velvety material that is easy to clean. The bottom is a waterproof liner to protect the pet bed from anything tracked in on the floor.

The bottom also has anti-slip features to keep the bed firmly in the place you want it to stay. You don’t have to worry about your pet scooting the bed around your home since the skid-free material helps keep it in the right spot.

Piping in a contrasting color is sewn onto the round pet beds to enhance the beauty of the bed and add visual interest. Colors are:

  • Espresso
  • Brown
  • Sage
  • Kitten Pattern

The rectangular bed comes with a contrasting color on the top of the sides and is available in.

  • Ivory top with burgundy sides
  • Browntop with espresso sides


100% polyfill makes up the filling. The fillings come in several pillows that add extra thickness. Having three pillows for the interior makes it easy to remove the cover for cleaning. You can fluff up the pillows and the stuffing has gussets to resist clumping when your pet sleeps on the bed.

Easy to Use for Small Pets:

Simply put, these pet beds are some of the easiest beds for your pet to get on. Your small dog or cat will love how easy it is to get on and off these pet beds. There is no jumping required and the beds do not have awkward bolsters or rims for your pet to navigate over.


When you look at indestructible dog bed reviews, you will notice that many beds come with extra features that your pet probably does not need. Why pay extra for these features if your dog will be perfectly happy without them?

Amarkat pet beds are ideal for dogs that just want a comfortable place to sleep and don’t need any extra features.

If your dog has shorter legs it will appreciate not having to jump over thick sides or climbing onto platforms. Likewise, older dogs or those with health issues will enjoy the ease and comfort of using this mattress-style pet bed. These is great indestructible dog bed for Pitbulls.

After giving one of these beds to your pet, you will see why this is one of the best dog beds that you can buy. Affordable, stylish, and easy to care for are some of the comments from happy owners who have bought these great pet beds in the past.