How to Wash a Dog Bed: 14 Easy Steps for Washing a Dog Bed in 2021

If you have no idea how to wash a dog bed then this article guide you on washing a dog bed with some simple and easy steps. Many of the peoples may know how to wash a dog bed but they don’t know how to enhance the longevity of the bed. If you want your canine friend bed to be long-lasting then apply the given simple steps when washing your dog bed.

How to wash a Dog Bed

Dirty dog beds can result in dirty dogs. Dogs aren’t the cleanest creatures in the world and a dirty dog bed is an evidence. Dogs roll in the dirt and are low to the ground, so naturally, some debris is going to collect in their coats. When they lie in their dog beds, that dirt rubs off. If you bathe your dog, but not the bed, the dirt on the bed will go back on the dog. Therefore, in order to have a clean pooch, you must also have a clean dog bed. If you have no time to wash your dog bed then there is another option for a dog bed cleaning service.

Instructions: How to Wash a Dog Bed

Pet Parents should know how to pet bed wash because the clean and dirty environment directly affects pet health. The given below instructions properly guide you on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing.

Washing a One-Piece Bed

  • 1

Place the bed inside a washing machine, if it will fit. Set the machine to the gentle cycle.

  • 2

Fill the washing machine with cool or warm water. Pour mild detergent inside the washing machine.

  • 3

Dry the bed in your dryer in a gentle or delicate setting. Allow the bed to air-dry, if it is too large to fit inside the dryer.

Cleaning a Bed That Contains a Cover

  • 4

Remove the dog bed’s cover. Place the cover inside the washing machine.

  • 5

Place the bed inside the washing machine, if it will fit, but make sure there is enough room in the washer so that the bed and cover can both be cleaned. If not, wash them separately, or hand-wash the bed, if it is too large to fit inside the machine.

  • 6

Place the washer on the gentle cycle. Fill the washing machine with cool or warm water and pour mild detergent inside the machine.

  • 7

Place the dryer on the delicate or gentle setting and dry the bed and cover. Allow the bed to air-dry, if it will not fit.

Hand-Washing the Bed

  • 8

Hand-wash the dog bed, if it will not fit inside a washing machine. Wet the bed with cool or warm water.

  • 9

Rub mild detergent all over the bed with a washcloth or sponge. Scrub the bed and pay special attention to areas that are extra dirty.

  • 10

Rinse the soap off with water. If the bed will fit in the dryer, dry it on a gentle or delicate setting. If it is too large, allow the bed to air-dry.

Cleaning Foam Beds

  • 11

Fill your bathtub or a large container with warm water. Add mild detergent to the water and incorporate it with your hand or a large spoon.

  • 12

Place the bed inside the tub. Use your hands to squeeze the bed and work the soapy water throughout.

  • 13

Empty the tub, then refill it with clean water. Squeeze the bed to release the dirty water and allow the clean water to enter. Avoid using a brush to clean the foam bed, as it will destroy the material.

  • 14

Air-dry the foam bed. Never place a foam bed in the dryer, as doing so can destroy or alter the bed.

Washing Instructions: How to Wash Big Barker Dog Beds

All of the man’s best friends deserve a comfortable place to take their many naps and dream of dog bones and chew toys, and many people choose to buy a dog bed such as the Big Barker Dog Bed. However, the bed can become a little dirty and stinky with frequent use. Periodic washing of your Big Barker chew proof Dog Bed will keep your dog’s space fresh and clean.

big barker dog bed

Washing the Cover

Big Barker Dog Beds are made up of inner bedding surrounded by a cover that can be removed. Locate the zipper on the cover, unzip it, and remove the inner bedding from the cover. This cover can be washed in your washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water. Just add the appropriate amount of laundry detergent depending on the brand you are using and let your washing machine do all of the work.

Washing the Inside Bedding

Meanwhile, you will need to address the inside bedding as well. While the outside cover deflects many of your dog’s messes, the inner bedding is still likely to collect a little grime. To washing dog bed with vinegar, fill a bathtub or a large tote with cold water and a bit of laundry detergent. Hand wash the bedding and rinse it with fresh water until the water coming from the bedding when you squeeze it is no longer soapy.


Your dryer should not be used on either the outer cover or the inside bedding to dry them. The outer cover could shrink in the dryer, and the inside bedding might become damaged from the heat and fall apart. Instead, you should hang the cover-up to air dry for several hours or overnight. The inside bedding should be placed outside in a dry, sunny area to air dry as well. Once the two pieces are dry, you can put the bedding back inside the cover.


While the periodic washing of your dog’s bed is recommended for sanitary reasons, there will be times when you may not have the time or ability to wash it. Between these washings, there are measures you can take to keep your dog’s bed smelling fresh until the next washing. Spray the bed with a fabric deodorizer and let the dog bed air dry completely before reintroducing it to your dog’s environment.