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Indestructible Dog Bed is the essential product in the pet’s accessories nowadays which is specially designed to overcome the destructive behavior of dogs. Chewing is natural for dogs but it turns to an issue when your canine friend starts destroying expensive things of your home, like home decor and furniture, dog beds are also costly when you arrange them to enhance the comfort of your pet. 


Moreover, no one pet parents want to let their dog sleep on the floor, especially senior dogs who are suffering from hips, joints, and muscle pain. But pet parents feel hurt when their beloved dogs tore up their expensive dog bed which was bought some days ago. Now, worried about how to tackle it.? No more think about it because we have the ultimate solution to your problem. We recommend some Indestructible Dog Beds which is also known as chew proof dog bed or chew resistant dog bed. These dog beds have all wonderful features to discourage your pet’s destructive chewing behavior.

Top 9 Indestructible Dog Beds

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Finding the right dog bed is a challenge for many dog lovers. It’s hard to find the right bed for dogs that love to chew and crush their beds just for fun. In this article, we gave the 9 best Indestructible Dog Bed reviews that are made of trusted and tested material from chew-proof technology and recommended by experts and pet parents.

1. All-Aluminum Elevated Chew Proof Dog Bed

This bed is ideal for bigger dogs weighing up to 250 lbs. This is the ideal Indestructible dog bed for German Shepherd which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is used to make it lightweight but strong at the same time. The orthopedic elevated design of this bed ensures that your dog remains always dry and comfortable. This Kuranda indestructible dog bed is easy to clean and guarantee repeated cleaning. Most importantly, to discourage chewing, the fabric of this bed is tucked into the PVC frame design itself. 

Key Features

  • This dog bed is Easy to Clean.
  • Orthopedic Elevated design
  • Easily holds up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • Manufactured with high-quality material.
Product Details
ColorForest Green
Product Dimensions50 x 35 x 9 inches

2. Walnut PVC Indestructible Dog Bed

This is a PVC bed designed for heavier dogs weighing up to 100 lbs. This large indestructible dog bed is also chewed proof, easy to fit, and easy to clean. Moreover, you can find it in many nice different colors. The walnut color is designed for indoor use only, but if you wish to place your dog-bed outdoors, Almond or simple Aluminum beds are just perfect.  

Key Features

  • High Strength material made it sturdy.
  • It can hold 100 pounds of weight easily.
  • The raised design keeps your dog cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.
Product Details
Product Dimensions50 x 36 x 9

3. KONG Chew Proof Dog Bed

It is one of the toughest simple dog beds available in the market and this pillow bed is specially designed for large dogs. The bed is easily cleanable due to having a removable dog bed cover, you can simply pull off the cover and wash it separately whenever it gets dirty.

Key Features
  • Ideal for large dogs.
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning and machine washable.
  • The entire bed is reversible.
  • It has a quick grab handle.

Product Details

Product Dimensions40″ x 30″ x 4″

4. Washable & Waterproof Dog Bed for Crate

This chew proof dog bed for crate is one of the most ideal tuff beds for moderate chewers. If you are looking for a dog bed that will retain its inherent quality in all seasons and all locations, this one may be the perfect choice for you. Water resistance coupled with dirt and odor resistance makes it a solid choice for many. 

Key Features
  • It has scratch waterproof, dig proof, and scratch-proof cover.
  • Machine washable and spot clean.
  • 1.5 inches thick for comfort.
  • Specially made for standard size crate.
Product Details
BrandK9 Ballistics
MaterialRipstop Ballistic Cover + Clean Recycled Polyfil
Product Dimension47″x 28″x 1.5″

5. Bolster Orthopedic Tough Dog Bed

This doggy bed is an ideal solution for those who demand comfort and toughness at the same time. It has an Indestructible dog bed cover and having two comfy layers of high-density foam (supportive and medical-grade memory foam) ensures that your dog sleeps on a thick comfortable orthopedic bed, while not chewing it to pieces.

Key features
  • A durable ripstop cover is removable.
  • Water-resistant, Scratch resistant, and Dig proof.
  • Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Highly comfortable shredded foam mattress.
  • Made with Non-toxic material.
Product Details
BrandK9 Ballistics
MaterialShredded CertiPUR-US Mattress + Ripstop Ballistics Cover
Product Dimensions34″ x 40″ x 5″

6. Small Dog Bed for Mini Dogs

The small indestructible dog bed amazon is a mini bed for your mini-sized pet. Despite it being smaller, this bed is made of Nylon, and still rigid and tuff enough to stop the most ardent chewer. Water, tear, odor, and dirt resistance make this bed a perfect choice for your mini pooch.

Key Features
  • Water-resistant and chew-proof dog bed cover.
  • Removable and machine washable.
  • Best for cuddling due to bolster.
  • Provide warmth in winter.
  • It prevents clumping & shifting, and proper weight distribution.
Product Details
BrandK9 Ballistics
MaterialRecycled Clean Polyfill
Product DimensionsN/a

7. Original Elevated Pet Cot & Dog Bed

The small indestructible dog bed amazon is a mini bed for your mini-sized pet. Despite it being smaller, this bed is made of Nylon, and still rigid and tuff enough to stop the most ardent chewer. Water, tear, odor, and dirt resistance make this bed a perfect choice for your mini pooch.

Key Features

  • Elevated design helps to stay cool in warm weather.
  • It holds up to 200 pounds of weight.
  • The cover is removable and washable.
  • It is waterproof and breathable from the center.
  • It resists mold, mildew, moisture, bacteria, and odors.
Product Details
BrandK&H Pet Products
MaterialWaterproof Denier Fabric
StyleRetail Box
Product Dimensions 25 X 32 X 7 Inches

8. Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Pet Bed

The chew resistant pet bed is both moisture and chew-resistant. The fabric of this bed is backed by laminated PVC, making it possible to use both indoors and outdoors. 

Key Features
  • It is made with dense oxford weave.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Filled with Polyester fiber.
Product Details
MaterialPolyester Fiber
Size27″ X 36″
ColorSolid Iguana Green
Product Dimensions27 x 36 x 6 inches

9. Indestructible Bubble Bolster Dog Bed with Chew Guard Technology

Chew Guard Technology is the latest addition to Dog Beds. This cheap indestructible dog bed is easily washable in the washing machine and it has a non-skid bottom that provides safety to your dog. Due to its standard size, it will fit in most of the kennels and crates. Besides, it has a soft surface and bolsters the border to provide high comfort.
Key Features
  • Durable Chew Guard Technology.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Made with reinforcing material.
  • Non-skid bottom.
  • Provide high comfort.
Product Details
MaterialSoft Plush
Color Gray
Product Dimensions30 x 19 x 4 inches

Things To Consider While Buying Dog Bed

How to Crate Train a Puppy?

Why you should choose an Indestructible dog bed? Every dog has different habits. Some dogs love to chew anything that is nearby. There is also the only chew some types of materials only. Therefore, before you buy or make a bed for the dogs, you should first identify your dog’s habits. Here are tips and guides on how to choose an Indestructible dog bed.

Easy to Maintain

For those of you who are busy, use the dog beds are easy to clean. It is very important because dog bed hygiene affects the health of the dog. Also, if a dog bed is easy to clean, it will last a long time and this allows you to save money because it does not often replace them with new ones.

Dog Bed Adjust to the Age and Size of your Dog

How to Crate Train a Puppy?


Every dog needs attention and cares appropriate to their age and their size. Dogs who are young and small have different requirements for dogs that are old and big. Therefore, choose dog beds that fit their circumstances. Young dogs usually prefer to choose dog beds are designed for indoor because they still love to stay and play in the home. While for the old dog, choose dog beds are designed for outdoor. Big dogs and adults usually prefer to play outdoors. So is the size of Indestructible dog beds.


The size is determined for your dog’s comfort. Choose the size that matches the size of your dog. Do not be too narrow or too broad. Dog beds that are too broad or big make dogs like rolling around on the bed and love to make a special area on his bed. This is not good because the dog will not break and dog beds will be broken. While dog beds are too small to make the dog uncomfortable and nervous because they are difficult to obtain a precise position in his sleep. This causes the quality of rest and sleeps less than optimal.

How to recognize your dog's habit to choose dog beds?


The easiest way is to notice the habits of your dog in the play. You can give the dog toys from various materials, such as toys made of plastic, fabric, leather, or others. Notice where the likes toy dogs have chewed to pieces, and toys which are left intact. That way you’ll know the material dog beds are perfect for them. 

If the dog chews toys made of plastic so do not choose dog beds that are made of plastic. Remember every dog you own may have different habits to treat toys that you provide. So get to know one by each of your dogs.

Another way is to recognize your dogs sleeping habits. If at the time of sleep, your dog likes to pull the covers with his teeth and making a nest, then you should choose dog beds from the same material with the sheet material. Because sleeping habits showed that the dog liked the material and feel comfortable. Now you know that the corresponding dog beds are very necessary for the comfort and health of your dog. Treat your dog as part of your family, especially in the selection of Indestructible dog beds.

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