Insulated Dog House

Are you looking for the Insulted Dog House means you want your pet to stay cool in summer and hot in winter. Besides, these pet houses will keep pets dry, clean, and much more comfortable than dog housing with no insulation. We are going to review some of the best insulated dog houses that are manufactured with a solid material that is weather nice and comes with a number of essential features.

Insulated dog houses are almost always the best way to go unless you live in a region where the weather is mild year-round. Even so, an insulated dog house is great for all seasons because it can help to keep dogs warm in winter as well as help to keep dogs cool in summer. If you live in a region with extreme temperatures you may even want to consider adding a dog house heating pad, a dog house heater, or an HVAC Climate Control unit for use as a heater and air conditioned dog house.

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How to Crate Train a Puppy?

These dog houses are the perfect balance of value and protection that you’re looking for in the dog house. These dog houses must have a removable lid that makes for easy cleaning and the aluminum frame door entrance ensures your dog’s safety against sharp corners. Easy assembly makes this the perfect dog house. When you have chosen to deal with your beloved family members pooch to a brand new small house of their personal within the backyard, you no doubt have begun searching into the numerous choices accessible. Maybe among the greatest choices, you’ll have to make while you store about will be the materials the new dog house will probably be produced from.

Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Insulated Dog Houses

How to Crate Train a Puppy?

When you looking for the best-insulated dog house the first thing that comes to mind is it should be waterproof as well as insulated from all sides. It should be raised from the bottom which keeps your dog drier from rainwater and snow and resists moisture. Also, the pet house should be larger than the size of the pet.

1. Durable Outdoor Insulated Dog House

  • Product size: Small, Medium, & Large.
  • Product color: Red & Light Grey.

This Outdoor Dog House has an open roof and raised bottom. It has a raised bottom which keeps your dog drier from moisture and water. in addition, the bottom area is removable and you can clean it easily. The dog house can holds easily up to 75 pounds of weight.

This outdoor pet house is not only for dogs but also you can use it for 3 to 5 Cats, 2 to 3 Ducks, and so on. This durable dog house is easy to assemble due to pre-drilled holes. The dog house is waterproof that protects your dog from snow, rain, and sun. In addition, it also has door flaps.

Key Features

  • The durable outdoor dog house is waterproof.
  • The dog house is easy to assemble due to pre-drilled holes.
  • It can hold up to 75 pounds of weight.
  • The bottom area is removable which helps to clean it easily.

2. ASL Solutions Foam Dog Palace for Large Dogs

  • Product size: Large.
  • Product color: Grey.

This is the best of the best when it comes to an Insulated dog house for winter. It may be a little more expensive but over time you will not regret having bought it. 

ASL, the company manufacturing it has raised the bar even higher but adding a feature found in no other dog houses. That is 4-inch foam insulation. Your dog is guaranteed to have protection against the elements.

During the winter, the doghouse is insulated but also during the summer Insulated dog palace has a properly designed airflow system that allows the house to remain cool.

Another feature is the self-closing door. I don’t know many dog houses out there that have a self-closing door. Even that, it still has a drain hole (just in case the water goes in) that whisks liquid away from your pet’s living area.

Frankly speaking, if you want to go to the best dog house then the Insulated dog palace is the best option. I have seen people complaining about the fact that they came back from work only to see their dog outside the dog house, in the rain.  The fact is too much water went inside the dog house that the poor dog had no choice but to come out. Definitely, with the “insulated dog palace,” you will never encounter that problem.

Key Features

  • High-Quality material is used for manufacturing this dog house.
  • It has 4-inch foam insulation.
  • This dog house keeps dogs warm during winter and cools during summer.
  • The ASL dog house has a self-closing door.

3. Eilio Outdoor Sturdy and Durable Dog House

  • Product size: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Product color: Grey.

This wooden dog house is instantly easy to assemble without any tool and just un-fold the dog house your work is done. 

The eilio outdoor doggy house is ideal for the medium breed and can hold up to 60 pounds of weight. The sturdy and durable dog house is manufacture with waterproof stained wood, stainless steel hardware, and strong asphalt shingles.

This insulated outdoor dog house is large enough to relax in comfort and keeps protect your dog from outdoor elements. The insulated dog box has elevated ground which provides a dry surface and great air circulation. The manufacturing company gives a 1-year of warranty due to its high-quality material.

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble without any tool.
  • Ideal for medium breeds and can holds up to 60 pounds of weight.
  • Made with high-quality materials which are water-resistant wood and stainless steel hardware.
  • Large enough to provide relaxation in comfort and protect dogs from outdoor elements.
  • The elevated floor provides great air circulation and keeps dry your dog.

4. Indigo Extra Large Dog House with Microban

  • Product size: Medium, Large, & Extra-Large.
  • Product color: Taupe/Black.

The heavy-duty indigo dog house is great for large dogs. This dog house provides comfort in cold winter and hot summer. 

The xl dog house keeps your dog away from rainwater and its roof has a vent on the top which allows fresh air circulation. The large igloo dog house has a raised bottom and side moats that drain water and keeps pets dry. This dog igloo has microban features that help to prevent the growth causing bacteria.

Key Features

  • This extra-large dog house provides insulation in both hot and cold weather.
  • The roof has a vent on the top which provides fresh air circulation.
  • This igloo dog house has raised the bottom area which resists rainwater and keeps your dog dry.
  • Its microban feature protects your dog from the growth of bacteria.

5. Durable Plastic Outdoor Dog Kennel and House

  • Product size: Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.
  • Product color: Grey.



This insulated dog kennel is best for large breeds or large heavy dogs. It is made with durable and tough plastic for the comfort of the dog. It has a large room area that allows your dog to spread out and relax. When you are going to purchase this dog house, you should confirm the size of your dog. This insulated plastic dog house is available in 3-sizes and is easy to assemble. If you want to increase your dog comfort you can add a tough dog bed in your pet house.

Key Features

  • This dog house is made with sturdy and durable plastic.
  • The large dog house is easy to assemble.
  • It has enough large room for large dogs to spread out easily.

6. Weather-Proof Outdoor Wooden Dog House and Kennel

  • Product size: Medium & Extra-Large.
  • Product color: Wooden color.


This extra large dog house is made with high-end material which is solid pine along with draft-resistant tongue and composite asphalt shingles. The raised bottom floor area is made with plastic footing which is adjustable. This dog house has an adorable groove design and it is ideal for large dogs that have weights of up to 70 pounds such as Labrador. The wooden dog house is easy to clean because it has a removable floor.

Key Features

  • This dog house is manufacture with high-quality material.
  • It has an adjustable raised floor.
  • This XXL insulated dog house is ideal for a large breed.
  • It can hold up to 70 pounds of weight.
  • The wooden dog house has a removable floor that is easy to clean.

7. Large BarnHome Cheap Dog House

  • Product size: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Product color: Red/Black and Bleached Linen/Black.

Definitely, this is the most affordable insulated dog house. If you are on a small budget this one will do just fine. 

It can shelter most average size dogs up to 90 pounds of weight. Very strong and durable also easy to assemble with just 2 snaps and that’s it you are done. Of course, this is also the best insulated dog house because it is easy to assemble and it is also easy to clean. Product features include structural foam construction. That is good for insulation.

This model is ideal for Dalmations, Chows, Bull Dogs, Shar-Pels, Boxers, Airedales, Whippets, Standard Poodles, Labradors, Shepherds, Retrievers, Setters, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs, and many more dogs. If anything, Petmate, the company manufacturing it, is a popular brand and most customers that have bought any dog house from Petmate are very happy with it. This product is also available in a small insulated dog house.

Key Features

  • It has weather protection features.
  • This dog house is easy to assemble.
  • The durable plastic dog house allows fresh air to flow.
  • It can hold up to 90 pounds of weight.
  • It is best for the small breed as well as a large breed.

8. Wooden Dog House with Removable Floor

  • Product size: Extra Large.
  • Product color: Wooden.

This Insulated dog house with door comes with several essential features and durable built quality. It supports up to 70kg weight and has a removable floor for hygiene and easy cleaning. 

The roof of the dog house can be open with two locking arms. It is consists of timber (tongue and grove) 0.2 cm plywood board, then 1.3 cm of Styrofoam, and 1.2 cm thick which keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer.

This dog kennel walls are 150% thicker than other kennels. It has adjustable legs that allow you to place it on even or uneven ground. It has a roof that opens which gives easy access to all parts of the kennel. This outdoor dog kennel is manufacture with timber which is animal friendly and designed for long-lasting. It also has a 2-inch raised floor which allows fresh air circulation under the kennel and keeps the floor comfortable and dry.

Key Features

  • Removable floor for easy cleaning.
  • It can hold up to 154 pounds of weight.
  • Dog kennel legs are adjustable for even or uneven ground.
  • It is manufacture with friendly treated timber and designed for long-lasting.
  • It has a 2-inch raised bottom area which allows fresh air circulation under the kennel.

9. Solid Cedar Waterproof Wooden Dog House for Small and Medium Pets

  • Product size: Small and Medium.
  • Product color: Brown.


This wooden dog house is adorable that you and your pet will definitely like it. The wooden dog house is made with sturdy cedar and waterproof material. Its asphalt roof protects your dog from the intensity of the weather. It has an open-up roof and removable floor which helps to clean it easily.

This beautiful pallet dog house has 4 legs that are adjustable for rough ground and a raised floor to protect your dog from moisture. It has pre-drilled holes which help to assemble it easily by yourself. The manufacturing company gives 1-year of warranty. First and foremost, measures your dog or any other pet size before buying the dog house.

Key Features

  • A large door allows your dog to get in and out easily.
  • It is manufacture with heavy-duty sturdy cedar and waterproof material.
  • Open-up roof and removable floor help to clean it easily.
  • Adjustable legs for even or uneven ground.
  • The product is protected with multilayer packing to avoid wear and tear.

10. Plastic Dogvilla & Insulated Dog House

  • Product size: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Product color: Light Grey/Black.

This plastic dog house is a great place for pets to living and it is manufacture with anti-shock robust plastic which is UV-rays resistant and waterproof. 

The plastic material of this dog house is ideal for allergic dogs because the smooth surface prevents germs growth inside the house. It is ideal for medium breed dogs because it has enough space to spread out easily and get comfort. Moreover, it has an additional wall that can be open for more room to stretch out.

It has ventilation slits in the back of the dog house that can be adjustable using a lever for optimal air circulation. The entrance is open which is designed with an aluminum frame to provide stability and protect against sharp teeth. This insulated dog house is best for summer as well as winter. The kennel is easy to assemble without any tool and you can also clean it easily. The company gives 1-year of manufacturing warranty.

Key Features

  • The all-weather dog house is made with durable Plastic.
  • Weather-resistant with manually adjustable ventilation slits.
  • Efficient waterproof system.
  • Easy to clean smooth surface.
  • Easy to assemble without any tool.
  • Hygienic and prevent the growth of germs.

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