How To Stop A Dog From Chewing

There are many dogs that usually have the behavior of chewing just about anything they come across. The good thing is that there are some tips on how to stop a dog from chewing that are available which can be very helpful to a dog owner who is experiencing this with their dog.

Most of the time it is not the dogs fault especially if the dog is in the learning process of knowing what is good and bad. The owner should, therefore, understand this clearly and look for ways of avoiding these instances.

One of the things that should be done when it comes to this is to remove all the things that might be tempting to the dog. For puppies, it is usually difficult to control themselves and if they find anything around they will want to chew which at times may cause bad destruction.

Dogs and puppies develop the habit of chewing things later or sooner. You should search for the reasons if you want to stop the dog from chewing. In the puppies and young dogs, it is observed that they chew for relieving their pain that is caused by the newly growing teeth. The older and mature dogs chew to add strength to their teeth and to keep their jaws clean.

Tips of How to stop a dog from Chewing

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The chewing habit of dogs can be destructive because they do not have a sense for the value or importance of the items, they chew. Moreover, If you are looking for tips on how to stop a dog from chewing then given information completely guides you.
How To Stop A Dog From Chewing


For those dogs that are teething offerings, toys can be the best solution to stop dog chewing behavior because the gums and teeth are usually irritating. There are other toys that are usually freezable and this can also be helpful especially in relieving the teething pain that a dog might be experiencing and it will also distract the dog from chewing other objects.

So, it is good to select only three or four toys for them. You should never select a lot of toys for your dog. Make sure all of these three toys should be different in texture, color, and shape. You should use these toys for your dog and play with him regularly.

It will give your dog an association and this association will gradually convert into the association for good things. Later, you will see that your dog is playing with those toys in your absence and he is not chewing them because he has a deep association with them. You should keep precious items out of his reach and if the dog tries to chew some other things such as furniture, dining sheet, or pillow, you should discourage him.


There are a number of bitter chewing sprays that are deterrent available in the market and these can also be very helpful on how to stop a dog from chewing. This basically puts a bad taste on the dogs mouth which will stop dog from chewing without harming in any particular way.

You can use the deterrents that are easily available in the market. You should spray the deterrent to your valuable items. It will keep the dog away from precious and important items. Whenever the dog tries to chew anything under the deterrent spray, he will get a bitter taste and will avoid later to chew anything.


Praise & Criticize

When the dog is chewing the right item, you should praise him and appreciate him. It would create more sense in him for not chewing the valuable items or the restricted items of your home. Sometimes your dog is at the serious stage of this dangerous habit. Here, crate training can be considered a great way to avoid your dogs chewing habit. You can restrict the play and movement area for your dog by using the playpen. It will develop a habit of remaining in his restricted area and he will leave the habit of chewing gradually.


Observe Dog Behavior

You should always keep an eye on your dog. If you are not actively observing his behavior and you are not seriously trying to get him out of this habit, he will never leave this dangerous habit and gradually it will be not only worse for him, but also for you.

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing


If sometimes your dog is going to chew any of your bed sheets or the dining table mats, you should deter him and punish him for doing so. The punishment can be milder. For example, you can throw water on his back with the help of a water pistol. Try to hide while throwing water at his back.

Conclusion of How To Stop A Dog From Chewing

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In short, the above-mentioned tips on how to stop a dog from chewing can be very helpful for you for stopping the chewing habit of your dog. You can follow all of them or any specific tip according to the nature of your dog.

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