Extra Large Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp


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  • Best combination of size, strength, and light weight on the market
  • 20″ Wide and extends from 48″ to 87″ Long
  • Weighs only 18 pounds
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • High-traction walking surface gives pets a sure footing
  • Includes convenient carry handle and safety latch to prevent accidental opening
  • 1-year warranty against defects
Now your pet can go anywhere, no matter how high.
The Solvit Extra Large Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp is perfect for pickup truck owners who want to take their large dog along for a ride. The ultra-stiff Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp is solidly constructed to assist pets that need help reaching high places. The patent-pending design is compact and weighs just 18 pounds. However, it supports more than 300 pounds and telescopes anywhere from 47 to 89 inches.

Use;this dog;ramp;fully extended for SUVs, pickups, or grooming tables. When space is limited or the upper surface isn’t so high, adjust it to the perfect height. The convenient handle makes it easy to carry and stow. No clumsy folding or unfolding is required. Just slide it out to use it, and slide it back in for easy storage. The extra length provides a flatter angle for easy climbing, and the extra width gives large dogs more room to walk. Its high-traction surface provides sure footing on steep climbs. A safety latch prevents accidental opening, and 4 rubber feet keep the ramp stable while in use. Measures 20 inches wide, 4 inches high, and from 47 to 89 inches long. 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The Deluxe Telescoping Extra Large Dog Ramp has the same construction as our Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp model, but is 17″ longer and 3″ wider – 45% larger overall! The extra length of the Extra Large Dog Ramp model provides a flatter angle for easier climbing. The extra width gives larger dogs more room and thus more confidence when using the ramp.

Sporting Dog Owners: For use with 4×4 pickups, the extra length in this dog ramp is essential! The unique construction of the Deluxe Telescoping Extra Large Dog Ramp gives it the best combination of size, strength and light weight on the market. Even though it’s “oversized” it still weighs only 18 lbs, and it supports over 300 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 21.4 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 5 × 21 in