How to potty train puppy

Hi everyone, If you are looking for how to potty train puppy then you are landed at the right article. In this article you are going to get a complete guideline on how to potty train puppy. Ok, what we are going to cover?

Many dog owners have abandoned the idea of a dog house because their dog doesn’t want to use it (in our other article we cover how to teach your dog to use a dog house). But there are also dog owners who managed to get their dog to use the dog house, and now their dog really is “using it” – he or she keeps peeing or pooping in it.

Training Issues

The reasons for this are various. It could be due to training issues, health problems, or if the dog is female – going into heat. However, it’s important to realize the dog is not doing this with malicious intent.

So, what can be done? First, we will show with what to clean the mess, so your dog won’t be irritated, then how to make the dog stop using the dog house for his business, and finally how to “train” the dog to do his business where it is most appropriate.

In the end, you’ll have a solution to this problem, so without further ado “let’s get messy”, shall we. 😉

1. Cleaning the place

How to Crate Train a Puppy?
Well, first of all, before we get into how to potty train puppy you need to clean the place. Soak the urine with paper towels or old newspapers and dispose of it quickly. Newspapers don’t soak as much as paper towels, but they are good to use, economy-wise, if you have a lot of urine to deal with. If it is poop, remove it also with a newspaper or with paper towels. In either case, have a trash disposal bag on hand, so you don’t have to run back and worth to the trash. Things could also get messy, so if you can, be prepared with gloves.


Next, we should use the cleaner on the dog house. The cleaner should not irritate the dog with its smell or otherwise, as we don’t want him to stop sleeping in the dog house, just to make him stop peeing or pooping in there. In that respect, you should use an enzyme cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle, or Kids’n’Pets. They won’t irritate the dog smell radar and will clean the mess easily.

2. Help your dog be reluctant to do it again

How to Crate Train a Puppy?

Second, when the place is cleaned, to make the dog reluctant to use the dog house as a latrine again, put a bowl of his favorite food on the spot where he has done his business. This will make him stop urinating or pooping in there, as dogs doesn’t want to pee/poop where they eat.

3. How to Potty train puppy to do his business elsewhere

How to Crate Train a Puppy?

Next, how to train the dog to use the most appropriate place to pee/poop. If you just want him to use the area surrounding the dog house(i.e the backyard), you are pretty much set here now. But, if you want to make him relieve himself somewhere else exactly, here is what you need to do.

First, decide where your dog should be doing his business. You may opt for a specific area of a lawn or backyard, or a litter box.

How to potty train puppy

Part of the Backyard

If it is a specific area of a lawn or backyard simply spend some time with your dog there in his usual time to go. You’ll notice he will start circling and or sniffing the ground and that is a pretty good sign that he needs to do it. When you see that he will start doing his business put/move him on the exact place where you want him to go. Keep repeating this a couple of days.

New Place

Over time the dog will figure out that since his pee/poop is in this new place, that that is the place he should relieve himself from now on. To jump-start the process, when you see he is anxious and needs to go, entice him with a phrase like “go poop” or something similarly short.

By doing this while he is focused on relieving himself you’ll create a link between the elimination and a verbal command, so he will eventually learn to do his business on cue. Praise him when he does this.

How to potty train puppy

Litter Box

How to Crate Train a Puppy?

If you want your dog to use the litter box, there is not much difference except for the cleaning part. When you think he will go, put/move him in the litter box. If he gets output him back calmly. You may put paper towels with his own urine in the box, to give him the idea that this is where he should relieve himself. Also, as in the previous example use a special phrase when he starts doing his business to teach him to do his business on cue.

Clean Litter Box 

Just remember to keep the litter box clean. Replace litter tree-four times a month and clean the box with clean water and soap once or twice a month. How to potty train puppy Have patience, don’t punish your dog when he did not go in the right place; he won’t understand the connection. Just be patient and persistent and you’ll see the results.

Conclusion of How to potty train puppy

How to Crate Train a Puppy?
By using this plan you’ll be able to solve this issue. Your dog will have a clean place to sleep and rest in and will not make you any more unnecessary business to take care of. You’ll be satisfied when you’ve handled this problem and left more time for you and your dog to spend together on the more important things in life like playing together.

Originally posted 2020-06-09 12:02:54.