How to make Dog Bunk Beds

If you are having more than one dog, then it is best to Know How to make Dog Bunk Beds for both of them. There are multiple benefits of bunk beds, the major one is that it occupies less space and you can easily your two pets at a single place.

The other major benefit is that both pets would have company and they won’t get bored when you are not around. But when it comes to purchasing a bunk bed it is quite expensive. Plus, you can also go for the best bunk beds which are of good quality and are extremely affordable. 


But the question that arises is, how to make dog bunk beds. But you have to worry as you just have to follow some instructions and by using some tools you can easily make an ideal bed for your little fellows.

So, to facilitate you, we have mentioned step by step procedure that you can use to design a bunk bed easily. This will allow you to create a homely environment for your pets and they would love to stay in their beds for a long time.

Step by Step Procedure

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One of the easiest ways to build a bunk bed is by following some steps. By using the below-mentioned process you can get a sturdy bed with the perfect size for your dog. Furthermore, the bed that is designed by this process provides comfort and maximum sleeping area to the pets.

Measure Dimensions

The first step of making the best dog bunk beds is measuring the dimensions, and for that, you must measure the size of your pets, such that the bed must be perfect for the dog, it must not be large or small. So, measure the length of your dogs, and then with the help of a pencil mark the dimensions.

Wood Cutting

The second step which is involved in making a bunk bed is cutting the wood. You can cut it with the help of a circular saw or a table saw. So, by following the pencil mark, you can easily cut the wood.

Combing the Wooden Parts

After cutting the wood, in proper dimensions, now you can combine these parts by using nails or a drill machine. Make sure to follow the dimensions which were marked with the help of a pencil. In this way, you can combine all pieces.

Paint and Set the Bunk Beds

The wooden color is not soo attractive and due to this many people prefer some colors and designs to make the bed more attractive.

So, after making the bed, you can color it with any desired color, like if you have female dogs and cats you can design it in pink color.

And after the paint dries the beds are ready to use. Now find a proper place to put these space-saving dog beds.

Cushions for Pets

The main aim of creating pet bunk beds is to provide maximum comfort to the pets. And it would be difficult for the pets to sleep on bare wooden beds.

So, you must make comfy cushions for your little pals. For this use good quality foam and then cut it in square or egg shape. But before cutting, must measure the size of beds, and then fold the foams in good quality fabric.

So, just put these egg-shaped cushions on the beds, and they are ready to use by your dogs or cats. Although, you can purchase foams from any store if you are not willing to make them.

Supplies For Bed Construction

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These are multiple things that are needed to make wooden dog bunk beds. Plus, if you are not comfortable with making a bed by yourself, so just get these supplies and hire a carpenter.

Tools for Construction

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Along with the supplies, there are some tools that are also needed to design a multi level dog bed properly. Without these tools, you are not able to make the beds, as they are extremely important.

Plus, if you are not comfortable using these tools, you can hire a professional to do this work for you. These tools are:

The benefit of Bunk Bed for Dogs

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Dogs are loved by everyone and providing them with the best place is the priority of every dog owner. Plus, if you have more than one pet, then you need to tow proper beds for them. But to have two beds can take maximum space, and you can find it hard to place two beds.

But your problem is solved by using bunk beds, as they occupy minimum space and provide maximum comfort to the little pals.

Bunk beds are actually two stories which are designed for two beds, so if you are facing the problem of having two beds for your two pets, then this problem is solved by these beds.

The space-saving dog beds are very beneficial, as you can keep them anywhere you want. Plus, they provided pets with maximum protection, but you have to train them first.

Along with that, these beds will allow the pets to have company and they won’t get irritated or bored while staying in their beds for a long time.

Final Verdict

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If you are having two pets, and thinking of having bunk beds, but can’t afford them, then you are at the right place. Because in the above-mentioned article we have explained an easy way to create a bunk bed.

There are many pet owners which want bunk beds but the major question is, How to make dog bunk beds. So, to facilitate you, we have explained step by step process and by following you can easily get sturdy and comfortable beds for your little fellows.

Originally posted 2021-10-24 12:13:01.