Why Do Dog Scratch their Beds?

If you have a dog who loved to scratch, then many times, a question arises in mind: Why Do Dog Scratch their Beds? We have tried to explain all the factors which are involved in stretching behaviours and the strategies to manage these behaviours of dogs. Plus, you can purchase a Chew Proof Dog Bed for your dog to keep him occupied, as it is chew proof there is no chance of damage to the bed. 

Factors Responsible for Scratching Behavior

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There are a lot of factors that are responsible for the habits of scratching the bed. Your dog’s behaviour must be according to one or more than one factor given below.

Natural Instinct 

Scratching the bed is instinct. The wild ancestors of your dog will scratch at piles of dirt, leaves, and pine needles that will create a comfortable stack of bedding. In the world of wild dogs, circling and digging the shifted sticks, grass, and rocks into which is more comfortable or uniform.

They also served the nest as protection which are against predators. The materials that are manipulating around all of them could assist hide their position, and they also assemble them as the less vulnerable feelings, under the leaves of burrowing and the dirt.

That could generate a cooler or warmer space where the dogs could get away from the utmost temperature and harsh weather. Many domesticated dogs were still held on to burrowing the behaviour; that’s why your dogs construct a fort in their blankets.

Territorial Behaviour 

The scratching of beds can be of territorial behaviour. Of course, dogs are driven to blemish their territory. You are doubtless aware that the dogs urinated on the article to claim them as their own, but the unpleasant behaviour isn’t the only course of action to get the job done.

The paws of paws were in their dogs that the leaves to typical scent on bedding or other objects whenever they scratch. The tattered blanket was only seeing, but your dog will smell a space and may also see that he has made his own.

If dogs were earlier on to feel its theirs, then they are more likely to go back to the spot of bedding. A dog’s behaviour that sometimes they are starting to scratch their beds or step up when a new person or pet has proceeded into their house, or there has been another type of major changes that was held in the household.

A Learned Habit 

Your dog can learn bed-scratching. Their bed scratching habit can be removed by teaching them. However, it occurs when a new animal steps into the home so that bed scratching can be territorial. This is true, especially if the new pet is another dog.

It can also be a mimicked or learned attitude of your dogs. Dogs try to follow each others behaviour. If your new dog scratches with glee and circles in your house, then your other dogs join your new pet just for fun. Thus, it helps to understand why do dog scratch their beds?

Maternal Instinct 

Canine dogs maternal instinct can include bed scratching. Your female dog bed-scratching attitude suddenly enlarges when she is preparing herself to have her puppies. In this case, it’s a natural, hormonal reaction, and it’s called nesting.

By doing this, she’s making a nest for her upcoming new puppies to keep them safe and warm.

Bed-Scratching Symptoms

The spot where your dog wishes to take rest, a Bed-scratching attitude can be identified by scratching, pawing, and rolling at the area around that place. Before settling down, many dogs do repeated circles.

Some create a tunnel or cave under their blanket by nosing their way under it, where they can easily hide. Dogs often use the pile of blankets like a playground, and even if no bedding is present, they also scratch their resting area.

If your dog chooses to take a rest on your cold kitchen tile, he may paw and scratch at the floor around him to take his place to sit on the floor. It is a fair game when your dog decides to sleep on any surface.

Strategies for Managing Scratching Behaviors:

You could end the madness of bed-scratching by simply creating a comfortable and relaxing place for your dog to sleep. In this way, life would be peaceful for dog owners. Unfortunately, this instinct can’t be removed even by the best dog beds. Here are some tips that can help you to keep your house intact.

  • Try to provide softer textures or to pile up more blankets to your dog’s bed.
  • Place on the bed one huge and heavy blanket.
  • If your dog is scratching so much on your floor and leaves marks, then invest in nail caps or consider training classes for your dog.
  • Try to shift the bed to a more private area.
  • Invest your money for a high-quality dog bed that provides comfort, support, and durability to your dog.

So, you can easily follow the above-mentioned strategies to make your dog not chew the bed. But still, if a dog is a harsh chewer, then he will do that. So, the basic thing that you can do is purchase a chew proof dog bed for him.

These beds are perfectly designed, and thus you don’t have to worry about any chewing problem while purchasing a chew proof bed. These beds act saviours or composed of high-quality material, which is indescribable and allows your dog to grow and follow his natural behaviours.  

Final verdict of Why Do Dog Scratch their Beds?

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If your dog loves to chew and scratch, then the major question that arises to mind is, Why Do Dog Scratch their Beds? Well, there are many factors that are involved In the scratching behaviour of the dog. Furthermore, you can adopt some strategies to manage these behaviours of the dog.

So, you can purchase PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed,which is chew-proof and your dog can stay and play in it for a long time.

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