How to Stop Dog Chewing Bed

If you have a dog who loves to chew his bed, then the question that usually arises is, How to Stop Dog Chewing Bed? This is a major query that is asked by many dog lovers.

Chewing is the natural behaviour of most dogs, but it is triggered by some behavioural patterns as well. If a dog starts to chew his bed, then it becomes a habit and is quite tough to make him stop.

So, you can purchase a Chew Proof Dog Bed for your dog so that the bed is not destroyed by chewing. Plus, the chewing behaviour can damage the beds as well, and cleaning the dog also becomes difficult because the dog can bite easily.

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There are many patterns and strategies that you can follow to make your dog not chew his bed. Review the below-mentioned points to have a better understanding and to have the answer to your question, How to Stop Dog Chewing Bed?

Keep an Eye on the Dog 

If you want to have a better understanding with your canine friend then you must watch your dog. When you spend much time with your dog then you can better understand the chewing patterns and can stop him.

Get Chewable Toys 

If your dog loved to chew which could be due to any reason, like teething, anxiety or any fear, then you must give some toys to your dog. When your dog starts chewing his bed then you must give him a toy to chew on.

After some time it becomes his habit and he prefers to chew his toys, instead of chewing his bed. If your dog is having teething pain and irritation, then you can select the toys which are designed specifically for teething dogs.

You can freeze these toys and then give them to your dog which delivers a soothing effect and also as a pain reliever. One more thing that you must check before buying a toy is it is attractive.

If the toy is not attractive then the dog doesn’t play with it, so must select the one which is very attractive, having multiple colours. Such that it can attract the dog and he loves to play and chew it.

Interrupt Dog When You See Him Chewing The Bed 

When you see your dog chewing his bed then you must stop him by calling his name. Then you must offer him some alternative, which could be a toy to interrupt him from chewing the bed.

For that, you must keep an on your dog and spend time with him so that you can learn about the actual cause of chewing.

Change their Place 

Some times when a god doesn’t like their place they start chewing, so you can try to check the actual cause of chewing behaviour by changing the place or bed. Plus, you can keep them with you for some time.

It will help you to understand that either the chewing behaviour is due to their place or something else.

Buy A Chew Proof Dog bed 

One of the major solutions is to buy a chew proof dog bed, these dogs are designed with high-quality material which is chew proof and thus you don’t have to worry about the bed’s destruction.

It is an appropriate solution and you must consider it if your dog has chewing habits otherwise he will destroy his non-chewable beds and covers.

Use Deterrent Spray 

If you cannot afford any new thing like a bed or toy then you must use a deterrent spray for the bed. Dogs hate the smell of apple cider vinegar, so you can purchase a spray having apple cider vinegar, or you can make it by yourself.

When you spray the deterrent, then its pungent smell stops the dog from chewing his bed and keeps his mouth and teeth away from the bed.

Turn ON the TV 

Sometimes dogs start to chew their beds out of boredom, so when you leave the house you must turn the TV on so that he doesn’t get bored while you can not home. When dogs hear the noise of TV, they think that someone is at home and they don’t feel lonely.

Furthermore, the music also keeps the dog entertained and they don’t get bored, which results to stop the chewing behaviour to some extent.

Praise Your Dog When They Play With Their Toys 

It’s best to buy some toys for your dogs if they love to chew their beds. So, when you give toys to your dog and they play with them you must praise them. It will help in confidence-building and they prefer to chew their toys instead of their beds.

It would be best if you praise your dog every time you see them chewing their toys. It will change their direction from chewing their beds.

Stop Them Instantly 

Whenever you encounter your dog chewing his bed, stop him instantly. Furthermore, you must stop them in a louder voice, so that they can understand that they are doing something wrong.

When you stop them many times, they will understand that the chewing of bed is not appropriate and they stop doing that. Furthermore, it is also helpful in teaching behaviours as well.

Tricks To Control the Chewing Behaviour

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Most of the dogs like to chew their beds which results in the destruction of their beds. Thus, you must follow the below-mentioned tricks to stop your dog from chewing his bed.

Supervise the Dog 

If you have a dog, then you must supervise him, it is important to keep an eye on him. When you are in a room with your dog, then you must supervise them properly. If you see him chewing his bed then you must stop him immediately.

If you don’t stop your dog when he is doing something wrong, then he will assume that he is not doing anything wrong. So, it is important to stop him instantly. It will make him analyse that he is doing something wrong and then he will stop.


Sometimes dog starts chewing his bed because of boredom, so it is important to play and have some physical activity with your dog outside. It will be best that you spend some time with your dog and play with him.

It will keep your dog busy and entertained and thus change their behaviour and they can stop chewing their beds. Plus, you can have a Chew Proof Pet Bed for your dog to keep him entertained and protect the bed from destruction.

Final verdict of How to Stop Dog Chewing Bed

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If your chew his bed, then the question that usually arises is, How to Stop Dog Chewing Bed? Well, we have explained many strategies and tricks to stops the god from chewing his bed.

But, still, if your dog loves to chew his bed, then you can buy a chew proof dog bed for him, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bedwhich is highly chew-proof and makes your dog comfy as well. 

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