You can get better deals on all purchases of wooden dog houses at, which are guaranteed to offer safety and ventilation to your dogs. These wooden dog houses are vital for the safety and protection of animals, whether as pets in your backyard or in an industrial environment.

Materials used in making these dog houses are solid with built-in accessories to ensure that the pets are safe, warm, and dry inside, ultimately protected from predators or interference. These dog houses are also made with the best metals and plastic, resistant to bad weather conditions like winds, snow, heat, and possible climate change. These bad weather conditions give room for the wrong temperature, leading to wear and tear. If you’re looking toward purchasing a modern dog house, then consider knowing this:

Modern Dog Houses

A modern dog house provides a well-built structure with style, making its use extremely simple and less expensive to maintain. These set of dog houses are built to cater to the needs and safety of your pet. They come with unique technological innovations to provide the best shelter for your pets.

Assembling these dog houses is easy, and you can do them without any special tools or skillset as the manual is easily understood. The modern dog house easy installation provides an option for quick and easy disassembling should you want to relocate. The Premium Plus A-Frame Dog House – Large is an example of a modern dog house that will provide your pet home. If you want something more luxurious for your pets, consider the luxury dog houses:

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury dog houses provide the perfect homes for your Labradors, Retrievers, and other large Dogs. The Premium Plus Dog House – Large you will find on is made from fir wood with a water-based, non-toxic stain. It has height-adjustable feet that ensure your dog’s home is off the ground level.

Making your purchase from ensure you get quality and durable product that provide your dog with the best luxury. The dog houses you’ll find here are easy to clean and maintain, ultimately saving you money on the cost of maintenance. These dog houses are large enough to ensure your dog lives to its peak. If you’re not comfortable with a luxurious dog house, also offers an affordable dog house for your pet.

Affordable Dog Houses

You can purchase an affordable dog house without breaking the bank to provide your dog with a warm atmosphere. Premium Plus Dog House – Small is worth a couple of bucks; it gives your dog a home and comes in style and colors, making it a must-have for someone with a small budget.

The Premium Plus Dog House – small comes with clear weather-resistant vinyl to protect your dog from sun, outside interference, and sleet. Adding a Premium Plus Dog House Door Flap – Small will allow your dog to live healthily. With as little as $9.92, you can get the Door flap – small to shield body heat during the sun. If you prefer an extra large dog house, consider this before buying.

Extra Large Dog Houses

If you have Great Danes and Saint Bernards, you should consider opting for an extra large dog house. extra large dog houses come in affordable choices. Our prices are flexible to cater to all dog owners who wish to ensure their dogs have space for dog supplies and crates.

When you opt for an extra large dog house, ensure to add a porch that would shield flies and insects from entering. You’re sure of a hitch-free cleaning with your extra large pet house whenever you want since it has more space inside. If an extra large dog house occupies more space, you can purchase the small dog house.

Small Dog Houses

Your Toy breeds and terrier will stay perfect in the Premium Plus A-Frame Dog House – Small with plenty of space still available to roll. If you have a small space opting for a small dog house would be the best choice as you could easily assemble and disassemble it whenever you need to move on short notice.

The Premium Plus A-Frame Dog House – Small comes with a waterproof shingle roof that helps to protect your toy breed and terrier from obstacles. Purchasing the premium plus A-frame dog house allows easy access to your dog as it can be very close to your house corner. If you have time and you want to experience hand-made dog houses, consider knowing the following.

Hand-Made Dog Houses

Almost all dog houses found these days are hand-made since it only takes a few minutes to assemble. If you want to experience making a dog house for your pet, can help you with everything you need to arrive at your desired destination. To get started, you can hit the contact us button by stating your requirement and sizes, and the team will reach you in a couple of minutes.

Shipping at is fast and reliable in both Canada and the US. Purchasing your pet house from our store allows you to gain more information on how to maintain your dog houses with the best insulation strategy. Assembling a perfect hand-made dog house could take you a while. To ease stress, you can opt for wholesale purchases.

Wholesale Dog House also provides wholesale prices for those that wish to act as retailers and suppliers in their region. Bulk buying ensures you gain quality and affordability, making it flexible to earn massively from our wide range of durable products.

Our model accounts for everyone who wishes to own a dog house or wants to act as a supplier to those who need quality dog houses for wholesale. You can always check out our store for content and DIY tips explaining what each product offer to you.

Do not exit this page without purchasing your own pet house; this would make your dog happy and whip the tail when you arrive home.