Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Being the owner of a dog means that you as an owner must consider so many things by giving him or her exactly what he or she deserves because they have a life span of a maximum of ten to twelve years which is very short indeed. However, chew resistant dog bed is the most popular item dog owners looked at. Choosing the chew resistant dog bed amazon will definitely ensure that your dog feels special and get a good nights rest.


As your dog becomes older you need to provide him with those extra facilities though many of them then suffer from joints for example. The best way to show him you care is a comfortable bed that is easily washable. These dog beds are available in various sizes, designs, and colors nowadays. Remember to consider the size of your dog when you start looking around for a bed for your dog and make sure you purchase the chew resistant dog bed to assure that he gets all the comfort he deserves.

Top 10 Chew Resistant Dog Beds

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We research a lot but finally, we found the 10 Best Dog Beds for chewers that really work. These chew-resistant dog beds meet all the quality standards and provide long-lasting comfort with durability. Let us take a look.

1. Best Elevated Indestructible Dog Bed with Aluminum Frame

This is the toughest chew-resistant dog bed in the market which is made with the 1680 denier durable Ripstop Ballistic fabric and sturdy metal frame. This aluminum dog bed is specially designed for heavy chewers. In addition, this elevated dog bed can be used for crate and it will fit in the standard size crate.
This is the best chew proof dog bed because it resists all the destructive behavior of the dogs such as biting, digging, nesting, scratching, and chewing. It is easy to assemble and wash, you can easily wipe and hose down. This dog bed is great for both indoor and outdoor use and it comes with a chew-proof warranty.

Key Features

  • Repels dirt, water, odor, and hairs.
  • Durable 1680 denier ripstop nylon fabric.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Fits in a standard size crate.
  • Enough low for any size dog to get in or out.
Product Details
BrandK9 Ballistics
MaterialAluminum Frame + Ripstop Ballistic Fabric
ColorSnow Camo
Product Dimensions40” x 25”

2.  Highly Durable Chew Proof and Chew Resistant Dog Bed

This ultimate chew proof dog bed is the best option for those people who are tired of cheap dog beds which are demolished easily. It is ideal for arthritics dogs because it has Orthopedic Certi-Pur US memory foam which provides relief to muscles and joint pain, and promotes high-quality sleep.
This chew proof dog bed is made with 33% cotton and 65% polyester which is comfortable and durable at the same time. This orthopedic dog bed is also great for those pets that are suffering from anxiety. It has a non-skid bottom and water-resistant dog bed cover which is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. These are replacement covers are also available for this pet bed. This is the large cuddler dog bed which can easily hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

Key Features

  • Orthopedic 6-inch memory foam for quality comfort.
  • Manufactured with 65% polyester and 35% cotton.
  • Bolster provide optimal comfort and support.
  • Tear-resistant and water-resistant cover.
  • Reduce muscles and joint pain.
  • Removable and machine washable cover.

Product Details

MaterialCertiPUR-US Orthopedic Memory Foam
ColorSlate Gray
Product Dimensions 50 x 40 x 13 inches

3.  Round Waterproof & Chew Resistant Dog Bed

This round dog bed is great for moderate chewers. This dog bed is also scratchproof and has a dig-resistant and chew resistant dog bed cover which gave a tough time to your dog. In addition, it is waterproof and machine washable which is easy to clean.
It is made with shredded CertiPur-US mattress foam that is non-toxic and provides optimal comfort and support for any size dog. This chew-resistant dog bed just not provides durability but also promotes quality sleep as well.

Key Features

  • Removable cover for easy cleaning.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Made with non-toxic material.

Product Details

BrandK9 Ballistics
Materialshredded CertiPUR-US foam
Product DimensionsN/a

4.  Washable Chew Proof Dog Bed for Crate

This chew resistant dog bed for a crate is recommended for moderate chewers. It has a ripstop ballistic cover which is scratch-proof dig proof and waterproof. This comfortable crate mat is easy to spot clean and machine washable.
It is 1.5 inches thick which is filled with recycling polyfill for comfort and stitched for optimum durability. It is also designed to fit in standard size dog crates and it has no Velcro or zipper. The manufacturing company gives a chew proof warranty.

Key Features

  • Dig proof, Scratch proof, and waterproof cover.
  • 1.5-inch thick mat for optimal comfort.
  • Filed with recycling polyfill.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Designed for standard size crate.

Product Details

BrandK9 Ballistics
Material K9 Certified Clean Recycled Polyfill
Product Dimensions41″x28″x1.5″)

5. Waterproof Tough Small Dog Bed for Mini Dogs and Puppies

If your mini dog or small puppy wants comfort and a sense of security but he tends to chew his beds, then this tough dog bed might solve your problem. It has a ripstop ballistic cover that is chew-resistant, scratch, bite, and waterproof.
This bolster dog bed is the best option for dogs who like to cuddle and feels more secure. The cover is removable and machine washable. This is the best cuddler dog bed that is made to recycle clean polyfill insulation that provides warmth and comfort.

Key Features

  • Chew resistant Ripstop ballistic cover.
  • Scratch proof, Bite proof, and waterproof.
  • Easy to clean and washable.
  • Distribution of weight enhancing comfort.
  • It prevents shifting and clumping.

Product Details

BrandK9 Ballistics
MaterialRecycled Clean Polyfill
Product DimensionsN/a

6. Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Crate Pad for Dogs

This durable mattress is designed for a crate that is made with ripstop polyester fabric that is chew-resistant. It is double stitched for optimal durability. This crate mat is a perfect option for power chewers who commonly torn up their mat. It is easy to clean and machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Key Features

  • The cover prevents the destructive behavior of dogs.
  • It will fit in all standard-size dog crates.
  • Double stitching enhances durability.
BrandSlumber Pet
MaterialPolyester Ripstop
Product Dimensions29¾”L x 18¾”W

7. Orthopedic Dog Bed for Moderate Chewers

This orthopedic dog bed is great for light chewers. It is great for indoor and outdoor use but the best outdoor. This comfortable dog bed is made with 1800 denier ballistic material which makes this bed a little bit tougher than a normal chew resistant dog bed.
This dog bed is anti-dust, anti-dirt, anti-scratch anti-odor, and anti-mold. The bed cover is double layered for waterproofing and coated with superhydrophobic which resist water and liquid. In addition, it is machine washable.

Key Features

  • The cover is double layered for extra durability.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to washable in the machine.
  • Anti-scratch, anti-odor, anti-dirt, anti, anti-mold, and anti-dust.

Product Details

Material Durable 1800 Denier Ripstop Fabric
Product Dimensions34″ x 40″ x 5″

8. Durable Water Resistant and Snoozer Calming Dog Bed

This is one of the tough dog beds which is made with durable and high-quality material. It is constructed with polyester and finished with water-resistant material. This durable dog bed can stand up to all ages and sizes of dogs.
It has extra padding which provides premium support and comfort, while the sturdy channel liner helps to keep the stuffing in place which ensures no matter how much your dog moves around. This waterproof dog bed is easy to clean and machine washable in gentle cold water and lets it air dry or tumble dry low.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant, fade-resistant, and UV-treated.
  • It can withstand direct sunlight for up to 500 hours.
  • Great for all sizes and ages of dogs.
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • Easy to clean and machine washable.

Product Details

BrandPet Craft Supply
Product Dimensions20 x 4 x 18 inches

9. Heavy-Duty 4 Orthopedic Tear Resistant Dog Bed

This is the best chew proof dog bed for crate which comes with a 4-inch thick durable foam mattress that provides premium support and comfort. It has a chew proof dog bed cover which is 100% waterproof. The bed cover is a zipper that is quickly removed for easy cleaning and is also machine washable for deep cleaning.

This chew proof pet bed is great for large dogs that would require extra support. This durable dog bed is the best option for dogs who like to dig and nest in their bedding.

Key Features

  • It will fit in the standard large crate.
  • Made of American High-quality foam that won’t flatten.
  • Orthopedic foam provides support to muscles and joints.
  • 100% waterproof and tear-resistant cover.
  • Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Protects against digging nesting and accidents.

Product Details

BrandBig Barker
MaterialHigh-Quality American Foam
Product Dimensions39 x 25.2 x 4 inches

10.  Memory Foam Chew Resistant Dog Bed with Waterproof Liner

This dog bed is specially made to withstand chewing behavior. It is made with guaranteed material to be strong enough to resist the destructive chewing of your dog. The material which is used to make this bed is memory foam and the waterproof liner dog bed cover which is removable for easy cleaning.

It has 4-inch memory foam which provides optimal support and comfort. This dog sleigh bed is not chewing proof but it is more durable than other indestructible dog beds.

Key Features

  • Orthopedic memory foam offers quality sleep.
  • Chew resistant material ensures durability.
  • Waterproof Liner cover.
  • Easy to clean, removable, and machine washable.
  • Suitable for heavy dog breeds.

Product Details

BrandTitan Dog Bed
MaterialOrthopedic Memory Foam
Product Dimensions39 x 4 x 28 inches

11.  Heavy-Duty Chew Proof and Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Last but not the least, Kuranda chew-proof dog bed is made with a PVC high strength frame that holds up to pounds of weight. This orthopedic cot dog bed design keeps your dog cool in summer because of air circulation under the bed and in winter it will keep your dog up from the cold floor.
This indestructible dog bed is easy to clean and the manufacturing company gives a warranty to stand up repeated cleaning. It is best for indoor use.

Key Features

  • Support up to 100 pounds of weight.
  • Heavy-Duty PVC frame.
  • An elevated design keeps your dog dry, cool, and comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.

Product Details

MaterialPVC Frame + Cordura Fabric
Product Dimensions40 x 25 x 7

Final Words

How to Crate Train a Puppy?

If you as a dog lover want to provide your dog with the best luxury chew resistant dog bed you may consider the Kuranda dog bed. This is an orthopedic bed that is chewing-proof guaranteed and designed so that your dog can sleep peacefully as well. Kuranda chew resistant dog beds have no overlapping or loose edges while it is made of such a durable material that your dog will find it hard to get his teeth in it to destroy it. It is also covered with a one-year warranty should your dog manage to destroy his luxury Kuranda bed.

Some other great advantages of these dog beds are that it can be easily wiped clean and it is designed in such a way that odors can hardly find a place to stay. You can also attach or detach the fleece pads with elastic bands. No matter the size or weight of your dog, these KONG chew resistant dog beds will hold their shape and firmness for years. Due to the low maintenance and the durability and comfort of these beds many personal owners, rescuers, shelters, breeders, and pet stores prefer to make use of it.

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